Vizient Medical Leadership Series: Leading Care into the Future through Digital Solution Innovation

Patient interactions and expectations for care delivery are changing. Due to limited time and resources, we need to ensure we have developed a care delivery system to support these changing needs. Understanding that these changing expectations will impact health care delivery and the physician practice which supports it. Through integration of digital solutions, organizations have an opportunity to stay ahead of the curve in care delivery. This program will feature leading innovative digital delivery platforms. Additionally, we will highlight one organization which is leading the way in developing a comprehensive digital health care delivery platform.

  • Tyler J. Okoren, MHA, Director of Operations, Sentara Medical Group
  • Patti Sweeney, MHA, Group Senior Vice President, Client Engagement and East, AVIA
  • Sonia Singh, MIM, Senior Director, Provider Solutions, AVIA
  • Robert Dean, DO, Senior Vice President, Performance Management, Vizient

About education available through Vizient

Vizient is an accredited educational provider for a variety of disciplines, including nursing, pharmacy, medical education for physicians, and quality professionals. We provide continuing education units for the majority of our programs. The Medical Leadership Series and others like it are available exclusively to participants of the Vizient Member Networks.

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